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A static-generated blog powered by Gridsome.

The site is a customised site based on the Gridsome Blog Starter, with customised styles and a modified layout to allow for persisting header, footer and page transitions.

Project Background

Before working full-time as a Front-End Developer, I started a Wordpress blog to write about some of my hobbies at the time - sketching, photography and making videos.

The blog has been through a few different iterations over the years; starting with Tumblr, moving through a number of free Wordpress themes and until I settled on the Tracks theme by Complete Themes for a while.

Previous designs of The-Astronaut.com

But as the blog posts slowed down and eventually stopped as work got busier, the site sat for a couple of years without being updated. This was until I caught on to the buzz of Static Site Generators and hosting sites for free on Netlify (which would save me the money I was paying for Wordpress hosting) so I rebuilt the site with Gridsome.

Project Setup

  • Static Site Generator: Gridsome
    • It's powered by Vue.JS and GraphQL - two technologies I wanted to get more experience with
    • Easy file-based routing
    • Out of the box Markdown file support
    • Built-in Image component for support for progressive image loading
  • Content Format: Markdown
    • It was straight-forward to convert the existing Wordpress posts to Markdown using a Wordpress plugin
    • Markdown files are easy to work with, which made it easy to update the posts to work with Gridsome
    • I can easily back-up and read the posts without having a site to host them on, if I decided to remove the website completely in the future
    • Gridsome supports Markdown files and has a number of Remark plugins to extend the markdown support
  • Hosting: Netlify
    • Free hosting, which is perfect for a simple blog with about 40 pages
    • Git-based workflow and deployments
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