Inspired by Wes Bos’s /uses page, and the site, here’s my uses page.


  • Visual Studio Code - I've been using VS Code since around 2018. Before that I was using Coda by Panic
  • Usually using the Lucy theme, but recently started using the Dracula theme
  • I went through a phase of trying every new font I came across, but I've settled on JetBrains Mono


  • iTerm2 with Oh My ZSH and Powerlevel10k prompt

  • Alfred with the Powerpack - I've been using Alfred for years, and I'm constantly using the web search shortcuts, clipboard history and snippets.

  • Figma

  • Firefox Developer Edition

  • Fork - a great cross-platform Git client. It's got a great diff viewer and really helpful for visually checking merge conflicts and git history on complex projects.

  • Google Chrome - My main daily browser

  • Insomnia - GraphQL and REST client

  • MAMP for local Wordpress & PHP development

  • Notion

  • Slack

  • Spectacle - window management app (though no longer actively maintained)

  • Spotify

  • TickTick (RIP Wunderlist)

Desk Setup

  • 2020 MacBook Pro 13in
  • Dual Monitors (Benq GL2580 and AOC 2581W)
  • Keychron K2 V2 Mechanical Keyboard
  • Duronic gas-powered monitor arm
  • Ikea Linnmon + Alex Desk
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Nintendo Switch

Phone Setup

I keep a pretty minimal setup on my iPhone11 with just have one home screen set up (thanks iOS14!), and I don't have tons of apps on my phone. Some of my favourite apps are:

  • Day One journaling
  • Instagram
  • Pocket
  • Notion
  • Spark email client
  • Spotify
  • TickTick
  • Been to keep track of the countries I've visited