Inspired by Wes Bos’s /uses page, and the site, here’s my uses page.


  • Visual Studio Code - I've been using VS Code since around 2018. Before that I was using Coda by Panic


  • Raycast - After using Alfred for years I made the switch over to Raycast in 2023 and have really been enjoying using it. It's not just replaced Alfred for me but also window management apps like Spectacle and Rectangle.
  • Figma
  • Fork - a great cross-platform Git client. It's got a great diff viewer and really helpful for visually checking merge conflicts and git history on complex projects.
  • Arc - Has become my daily browser after using Chrome for years
    • PixelParallel by htmlBurger for checking builds against designs
    • Vue.js Dev Tools
    • React Dev Tools
    • JSON Formatter
    • 1Password
    • Save to Pocket
  • Insomnia - GraphQL and REST client
  • MAMP for local Wordpress & PHP development
  • Notion
  • Slack
  • TickTick

Desk Setup

  • 2020 MacBook Pro 13in
  • Dual Monitors (Benq GL2580 and AOC 2581W)
  • Keychron K2 V2 Mechanical Keyboard
  • Flexipost E7 standing desk
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Nintendo Switch

Phone Setup

I keep a pretty minimal setup on my iPhone11, and I don't have tons of apps on my phone. Some of my favourite apps are:

  • Day One journaling
  • Instagram
  • Pocket
  • Notion
  • Spark email client
  • Spotify
  • TickTick
  • Been to keep track of the countries I've visited